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8 Ideas to Maximize Storage and Space during a Small Bathroom Remodel

8 Ideas to Maximize Storage and Space during a Small Bathroom Remodel

If you’re remodeling a small bathroom in your home, two things are usually top of mind: maximizing space and adding storage. These two ideas can transform your bathroom, but both require creativity and strategic planning.

You can make a bathroom more functional and user friendly by making just a few modifications. Don’t forget to ask your bathroom contractor for advice. They do this work day in and day out. So use their expertise and experience for your benefit!

How can you maximize storage and space in a small bathroom?

When developing your plan for the bathroom renovation, you should consider several factors, such as your budget and project priorities. If you have the funds and space to expand your bathroom, and add more storage and features, this may be a good option. It is possible, however, to only use the space you already have available and add more storage while still being cost-effective.

By increasing your storage capacity, it is likely that you will end up with a more spacious and organized environment. Here are some ideas to maximize storage and space if you’re remodeling your bathroom but want to keep the same footprint.

1. Work with the layout of your room

Look for ways to maximize your small bathroom. Consider placing items on the wall. Choose narrow vanities and shelves that are easy to install instead of large cabinets and drawers. Most of these items require only a screwdriver and some screws.

2. Install a standalone shower

In smaller bathrooms, a bathtub and shower combo is often included. As family dynamics and requirements change, this may not be the best choice. Your space could be transformed with a standalone shower. It can bring new levels of functionality and elegance. The addition of a standalone bathroom shower will not only add a touch of sophistication to your home, but also provide you with more space for storage and creative ideas.

Imagine a spacious, sleek shower cabinet, or innovative storage options, built right where the bathtub used to be. Imagine your bathroom in a new light with the standalone shower.

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3. Use a built-in medicine cabinet

The medicine cabinets in the bathroom are a great way to store things, but can also be an eyesore in small spaces. Installing built-in medicine cabinets that are recessed into your wall is one solution. These cabinets have enough width and depth to store towels, washcloths, and other larger items.

You can add power outlets and lighted mirrors to your built-in cabinets as part of your bathroom remodel. This will allow you to plug in your electric toothbrush, hairdryer and other items. You can charge these items inside the cabinet.

4. Custom vanity

Stock cabinetry can seem the best option for a bathroom remodel on a tight budget. Prefabricated vanities are available in a limited range of sizes and shapes, which can be problematic when dealing with a bathroom that is small or irregularly-shaped. You can also install a custom-made vanity or cabinet, which is made to fit your space and the items that you need to store.

You can build customized storage solutions directly into your bathroom, which will allow you to get the clearance and flow you require for doors. If you choose bathroom cabinets that include baskets and other interior accessories, your storage options will be more versatile. This selection is also not much more expensive than the stock options.

5. Go vertical

When space is limited, it’s best to think vertically. Instead of thinking out, try thinking up. Ideal is to have plenty of space on the floor for movement. You can add storage by installing a shelf over the sink to store small toiletries. Or, you can install hotel shelves in your shower or above your door.

6. Build floating shelves

Install floating shelves over your toilet, or use other wall space to add more storage. You don’t want the shelves to be too high, as they could pose a safety risk. However, even narrower shelves can provide enough space for cosmetics, cleaning products, or decorative items. As a result, ledges and shelving can be used to create storage space without taking up as much room as traditional furniture.

7. Use hooks

Hooks are another way to increase storage in a small bathroom. You can choose from several over-the door options or install permanent hooks near your sink, shower or any other open wall space. Hooks are not just for drying towels and handcloths. They can be used in a variety of ways.

You can, for example, place a few rolls or toilet paper in a decorative bag and hang it from a hook. Or, you can use the same hook to hang an organizer that is lightweight. You can make better use of your wall space by using this method in a smaller bathroom.

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8. Use unconventional spaces

You should look at every possible opportunity to maximize storage space when remodeling a small bath. You can, for example, add roll-out drawers to deep cabinets or install toe-kicks under your vanity. Or you can extend your countertop over the toilet to increase your surface area. Many of these solutions can be achieved by customizing your infrastructure from your vanity up to your counters. You can be more creative and use every inch of space.

Final thoughts on optimizing your small bathroom

It doesn’t have to be cramped and inefficient just because the bathroom is small. It may be that you need to find more creative, original solutions to maximize your storage space and overall area.

If you choose to hire a bathroom remodeling contractor, our team at Quillen Construction is here to help. Whether you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for in your bathroom makeover, or need some creative inspiration, we can design and implement a renovation.