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An after picture of a home, after undergoing exterior painting in New Orleans by Quillen Construction Group.

Project Spotlight: River Oaks – Exterior Home Painting and Remodeling

At Quillen Construction Group, we have always believed in the magic of transformation. As one of the leading construction companies in New Orleans, we specialize not just in general home remodeling and renovations, but in giving exterior facelifts and exterior home painting that makes every house in the Greater New Orleans area stand out.

Breathing Life into an Outdated Home

When approached for an exterior home remodel in the heart of New Orleans, we were presented with a home that echoed with stories of the past, primarily showcased through its beige-dominated palette. While many would look at it as just another home renovation task, for us, it was an opportunity to demonstrate our exterior home remodeling prowess – and a chance to show that even old homes can display a new form of life.

Brick Painting vs Pressure Washing

The debate on painting exterior brick is a common one in the world of home renovations. Our client was initially interested in a simple pressure wash for her house’s brick facade, but as experts in brick painting and exterior home renovations, we envisioned a brighter, bolder, and more modern finish that would truly embody the spirit of New Orleans. It’s not just about painting brick; it’s about ensuring that the painting enhances the architectural aesthetics of the home. While there are a variety of different paint manufacturers for your home, it’s important to select a manufacturer that will be worth your investment. We recommend choosing Sherwin-Williams for unmatched paint quality. 

Our Vision with Home Remodeling

Our team undertook this exterior home remodel with a clear vision and unmatched skill. The outcome was a perfect testament to what modern home renovation contractors in New Orleans, like us, can achieve. The formerly beige home now sparkles with vibrancy and character, perfectly showcasing our dedication to quality and innovation in exterior home renovations in New Orleans.

Why Choose QCG for Your Exterior Home Remodeling Needs?

For those based in New Orleans and the Greater New Orleans area, Northshore and Baton Rouge, and seeking expertise in home remodeling and renovations, especially those revolving around painting exterior brick, Quillen Construction Group has your back. Our project portfolio, raving reviews from satisfied homeowners, and our unwavering commitment make us one of the most sought-after construction companies in New Orleans.

If you have a vision for your home, be it an interior makeover or an exterior home remodel, we’re here to turn that vision into reality. Partner with the best home renovation contractors in New Orleans; Partner with Quillen Construction Group. You can get in touch with us by calling (504) 800-4126, or by Requesting a Free Consultation.



Exterior Home Remodeling and Painting Questions

Why should I consider Quillen Construction Group for Exterior Home Painting in Louisiana?

  1. Proven Expertise: The story of our client’s journey reflects the expertise of Quillen Construction Group (QCG). When faced with the overwhelming task of restoring the exterior of an older home, we guided our client through the process step-by-step, giving an older home a new take on life.
  2. More than Exterior Home Painting: Unlike companies that only focus on exterior home painting, QCG is an exceptional General Contractor and Residential Remodeling Company. This means we are able to provide a “one stop shop” for our clients, allowing for a range of different services, all with the company you trust; Quillen Construction Group.
  3. Trustworthiness: From the moment the client told us about wanting to pressure wash their home, we knew it was important to showcase just how important it is to give a home a new coat of paint to bring new life to it. We guided the client step-by-step through a no-nonsense approach and by communicating each step of the way. As a result, the client feels confident they made the right choice by choosing QCG.
  4. Personalized Experience: As a Residential Remodeling Company, we believe in working closely with homeowners. We take the time to understand specific needs, ensuring that the final result is tailored to each client’s unique vision. In the event that you decide to go a different direction than painting the exterior of your home, we can help you in every way possible to get the best solution for you and your family.
  5. Financing is Available: Yes, you heard that right! We’ve partnered with Service Finance™ so qualifying customers can take advantage of a 0% interest plan with no down payment for all of our home remodeling and construction services, with low monthly payments that you can afford.

    Always review terms and interest rates carefully and consider consulting a financial advisor for personalized advice before committing to any financial arrangement.

How do I start exterior home painting or remodel?
The first step is to identify your needs and set your goals. What are you looking to achieve by renovating the exterior of your home? Is it an older home and you’re looking to modernize it with a fresh coat of paint? Or are you looking to repair the home into a state of pre-damaged condition? Once you’ve identified the needs and have set goals on what you expect, our team can help guide you through the process and get you moving towards the right path. You can give us a call at (504) 800-4126, or by Requesting a Free Consultation.